Culture. Society. Economy. Politics

One cannot study Culture without exploring its interdependent and intersecting social, economic and political ecosystems. For culture encourages both inter- and trans-disciplinary studies, contributing not only to the better understanding of the phenomena investigated, but also proposing approaches leading to the development of cultural and creative sectors and of  contemporary society itself.

Among the main lines of exploration we encourage are:

– the development of the cultural sector, stressing the current challenges and trends;

– the cultural dimension of humans, communities and societies;

– the sociology of culture and knowledge;

– the economic dimension of culture and its role in sustainable development;

– culture and wellbeing;

– the management of cultural organizations;

– the cultural dimension of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations;

– the politics of culture, as well as the use of culture in political contexts.

We welcome other lines of investigation as well, as long as they are in align with the main scope of the magazine.

The journal has a practical focus, encouraging submissions to be practice-oriented and relevant for the contemporary world. Not only academics, but also practitioners are invited to submit, as well as to analyze the specific situation and successful initiatives in emerging countries.